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Measuring :
Haugh unit, Egg weight, Eggshell strengh, Yolk color
Reliable measurement of egg weight and yolk color, Easy operation
of measuring eggshell strength, Accuracy and usability from global perspective
See-throuth tray and mirror catches the bottom of yolk
Average,maximum and minimum data of measured values
per lot are printed out,and it can be connected to PC.

Digital Egg Tester
1.Innovating laser beam.
2.Measuring the aspect of egg faithfully.
3.Calculating Haugh unit in a second.
Constitution : Main unit, See-through tray x 2,Special mirror Printer,
Eggshell thickness gauge*
Dimension : 280mm x 450mm x 360mm
Weight :20KG
Power :AC100V-240V 90W


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